A publisher has said that I should have other authors endorse my book and NOT a bunch of teachers.  Well, for those of you who know me personally, you know I wrote the book on “WHY NOT” situations. 

I believe teachers are the life-blood of my readers, so who better to offer an opinion about my work than a teacher?  Do you want to know why “Mr. Publisher” suggests I get other authors to endorse the book?  So the publisher can sell more books of that author.  Sounds like a boys club to me.  So...with that... “Mr. Publisher,”  I have have yet another TEACHER OF THE YEAR who LOVES Saltwater Taffy!!!! 

"Pirates, adventure and treasure!  Saltwater Taffy is a rockin' good time.  Aaarrggghhhh!"

Alan Sitomer

2007 California Teacher of the Year

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